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What else do we do for our customers:

Are you worried about a thief snapping your lock and gaining access to your home?

Why not consider upgrading your existing upvc door locks to Anti-Snap Locks.

Anti-Snap Safe Locks are relatively new to the market these locks increase your door security and prevent thieves from accessing your home.

How they work:

Each side of the cylinder has a machined cut as part of the lock. In the event a thief trying to snap the lock with a pair of large plumbers grips the lock remains intact with the thief unable to open your door.

See right photo.

Insurance companies and Police are now recommending these locks to Homeowners as the threat from Lock Snapping becomes more widespread.

For further information about Snap Safe Locks please give us a call and ask for Chris.

Stop the thieving Lock Snappers - Upgrade to Anti-Snap Cylinders

New UPVC Door Handles

Lock Repairs Lock Repairs

Secure Your Patio Door with Anti-Snap Locks

Anti Snap Locks Anti Snap Locks